I'm looking for decent 19" monitor.

  snapperz 18:30 22 May 2006

Hi. I've just bought a cheap PC, a £330 Dell with
Intel Pentium 4 3.4Ghz
1024MB RAM
200GB Hard drive
Graphics card with at least 256MB V RAM

I realise it's not top spec, but I don't play games( except freecell!) or do video editting so it should suffice for the mo. I'm looking for a reasonably priced 19" flat monitor that is Ok for photoshop work, word processing and t'internet.

I'd love to spend less than £200 but know I might have to stretch that, any suggestions greatly appreciated

  hssutton 21:04 22 May 2006

I have the big brother to this one click here Along with many others I think it's fantastic for general and also Photoshop I use PS CS2.

It's a shade over £200, but check out the reviews

  Charence 22:29 22 May 2006
  GaT7 23:04 22 May 2006

Consider the £194 (incl del) 19" DVI AG Neovo F-419 with 3-year swap out warranty click here (note that this is the NEW model, but beware the older version in still available in some stores.)

Excellent independent review of the older model when it was almost double the price at click here.

217 user reviews (of the older model) click here.

As the monitor has a DVI connection (click here) apart from the standard VGA, check that the Dell's graphics card has a DVI socket for best results. (If in doubt whether or not you can use the supplied DVI cable with your graphics card, contact Rocate's live help click here). If I had a choice between a VGA+DVI monitor & a VGA-only monitor (the price being more or less the same), I would go in for the latter. G

  GaT7 23:05 22 May 2006

If I had a choice between a VGA+DVI monitor & a VGA-only monitor (the price being more or less the same), I would go in for the FORMER. G

  jack 19:57 23 May 2006

See July PCA the Phillips 190X6 its top of the pile
this month I got mine from Komplett at less than the price mentioned
Its an absolute beut

  GaT7 20:25 23 May 2006

jack, looked at the 190X6FB specs at Philips click here.

What's also impressive is their zero-pixel defect policy. Hover your mouse over the text 'ISO 13406-2 Class I compliant dot-defect-free display' to read this. G

  GaT7 21:14 23 May 2006

PCA review of the Philips 190X6FB click here. G

P.S. Another couple DVI ones to consider - only trouble is that they are the wrong side of £200.

Samsung SM940BF (Free Game) 19" 2ms 1280x1024 DVI Black & Silver click here

Samsung 930BF SyncMaster 19" TFT 4ms DVI 700:1 (1280x1024) Black & Silver click here

  snapperz 22:08 23 May 2006


Everyone is being so helpful.

I particularly like the idea of 0 pixel failure, dumb question, what happens if a pixel goes later, do they deteriorate in this way?

Response times???????? Are these only important to gamers or for other reasons, please?


  GaT7 01:15 24 May 2006

To be honest, this 19" Digimate L-1918 TFT 12ms 700:1 with DVI click here (taken from the Specials section click here) at just £144 (incl del) would suit you as well. It's probably the cheapest DVI TFT going at the moment. Read the user comments lower down in the link.

More low-priced DVI TFTs:

19" AMW M199DS 8ms 700:1 Silver Black DVI Multimedia TFT Monitor (3yr Onsite) click here

Ebuyer MJ9C 19" 600:1 12ms (1280x1024) Black & Silver DVI click here

You may also fancy a widescreen TFT (non DVI) - Acer 8ms Widescreen AL1916W 19" 500:1 (1440 x 900) from click here (with free delivery) or click here, with many good user reviews posted at both links.

Some Dead Pixel info click here & click here.

If I was buying for myself, I'd go in for the best TFT I could afford. G

  De Marcus™ 22:46 24 May 2006

Formac, Formac, Formac!

Superb colour reproduction, I have 2x20.1" side by side and an AOC 17" Lcd, the difference is unbelievable.

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