idtv recording

  User-D3232569-1320-4C7B-AE83334A30EC87C9 15:30 30 Sep 2006

i am thinking of getting a samsung 32" idtv with freeview, i have a hard drive/dvd recorder that only has an analogue tuner i going to be stuck with the same problem i have at the moment with sky, in that i can only record the channel i leave the tv tuned into. is it possible to be able to go away for a week and programme the recorder to copy to hard drive say 2 different programmes on 2 different days.
with more people getting digital tv's with integrated freeview surely someone must come up with a fix to the problem for all the people who rushed out and got hard drive recorders with an analogue tuner? cheers tatmac.

  Stuartli 11:33 03 Oct 2006

Freeview signals are digital, as you will be aware.

They are converted back to analogue if you have an analogue TV - otherwise you wouldn't be able to watch them.

On a genuine digital TV this is not necessary.

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