idect phone has decided not to accept incoming calls.

  muddypaws 21:07 05 Nov 2013

I have had twin Binatone phones for three years. Three days ago on incoming calls the phone rings continuously for four seconds and then stops. No caller ID and no caller if answered. Outgoing calls work OK. Binatone say the batteries want replacing, but I phoned them from the phone, waited 10 minutes queuing and a 5 minute conversation with the batteries still full. I have removed and replaced batteries, unplugged from mains and changed the micro filter. Have ordered new batteries. Anyone had similar problems? Thanks.

Any suggestions bef

  BT 08:05 06 Nov 2013

Sounds like the batteries are probably the problem. I had to change the batteries in my phones recently. They don't last for ever and 3 years is probably about right. New batteries in my phones cured all the problems like 'Out of Range' messages and cutting out after a very short time.

  muddypaws 08:17 06 Nov 2013

BT Thanks. Batteries might arrive today. Will let you know when charged.

  BT 10:57 06 Nov 2013


To save time I charged my new batteries in my battery charger before putting them into the phones. Just over an hour rather than the 15 hours the phone manual says.

  BT 11:01 06 Nov 2013

Above was for charging standard AAA 550mh batteries. I assume you have the same, most DECT phones seem to use these nowadays.

  muddypaws 16:18 09 Nov 2013

Sorry for delay.

The batteries were not the problem. (Sealed double pack of AAA550 s)

Have purchased new phones. BT 2000 twin pack.

Thanks for all info.

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