i-Tunes and Windows Media Player

  Bad Beagle 12:31 24 Feb 2007


I'm recently into downloading and many of the songs I want are on i-Tunes. However once purchased I cannot get them into Windows Media PLayer and thus onto my non-Apple MP3 player. The only way appears to burn a disc and then rip into WMP.

Does anyone know an easier way ???

Many thanks


  Kate B 14:13 24 Feb 2007

No, there isn't an easier way, I don't think; and whatever you do you're converting one lossy format into another. Music bought from iTunes comes in protected AAC, a format that doesn't play on most (if not all) non-iPods.

Best way to buy music, in my humble, is to buy CDs and rip them to your format of choice and then put them on to your player.

  [email protected] 15:51 24 Feb 2007

If you want to download your music rather than buy CDs, you will have to use another Music Service.

Here are some to look at:

Napster - click here

Virgin Digital - click here

and several web based providers based on OD2 - click here

I use Napster myself and highly rate it, although I would recommend you be a Napster Light member and download the tracks at 79p each rather than becomming a subscriber where you pay £15/month for unlimited downloads that are compatable on your MP3 player but only work as long as you continue to subscribe.

  Bad Beagle 10:57 25 Feb 2007

The reason I wanted to download was to find those unusal old songs that I just can't get anywhere else or where I don't want to buy a whole album !

  m4819 11:31 28 Feb 2007

Have you tried Limewire?

  [email protected] 14:01 28 Feb 2007

It is illeagal to download copyright protected content form Limewire. This includes 99.9% of music.

  Rute 12:13 01 Mar 2007


This piece of software is well worth the $15.
click here

It will convert your m4p or wma files into mp3

  SURVEY 09:28 03 Mar 2007

Rute - but would there be any loss of quality in converting the wma files to mp3? Or is this just a matter of converting the file tag?

  [email protected] 13:36 03 Mar 2007

Yes there would be further loss

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