I Pod Touch - problems with update.

  john bunyan 17:51 18 Oct 2009

Last Friday my grand daughter's 32 gig iPod touch , bought in June, called for a "i Pod touch / iPhone software update" when plugged in to i Tunes. Usually i tunes updates come in without the device being plugged in. Anyway the download took nearly 2 hours (my broadband is slow at 1 Mbps at the moment) This somehow caused a total problem on the i Pod,various error codes - 1604, 1611 etc. Then I tried to "reset" it but halfway through a message "cannot complete operation" came up. No way could I get things to work. I spoke to Apple and they are sending a box and will deal with it but I am concerned that when it comes back it will not have the paid for wi fi / bluetooth update, and,indeed whether the same problem will recur. There seem to be many others with the same problem on iLounge. I have AVG 8.5 anti virus and Comodo firewall, and wonder if they could be a cause - if so how do I temporarily turn them off when installing the update? (I know that my contract is with J Lewis where I bought it but am happy to let Apple fix it) Any one else with this problem?

  bremner 11:49 20 Oct 2009

I have updated my iPhone and my daughters iTouch in the last week or so and it is a large download. The length of time it took to download is irrelevant and I cannot think why the AV and Firewall would have created a problem.

If you updated the Touch through iTunes and an Apple account then you should be able to reapply the update if, when it is returned from Apple, it has been reset to factory state.

Returning the device to John Lewis would only have resulted in them sending it to Apple so you have done the sensible thing in cutting out the middle man.

  jack 12:37 20 Oct 2009

Learning Curve- with various hiccups and an online manual that seem not to have answers to ones own particular problems.

Stuff that has gone AWOL after installing has been one such - but I have found here that in fact what ever you download into iTunes for ultimate transfer is still on the computer to
re install should the need arise.
I am fortunate in living but a 10 minute Fast Track bus ride from the Apple store in Blue-Water[If living in close proximity to the place can be considered fortunate at weekend and Christmas etc.]
I am currently struggling with Wi-Fi setup, so as I am going on holiday to sunnier places next week and hope to take it with me as a communication device- instead of a mobile phone- shall be bussing there this afternoon for some advice.

  oldbeefer2 12:38 20 Oct 2009

I had real problems downloading until I turned off Avast! With it running an update would have taken 14 hrs - without it took 5 mins! No, I don't understand either.

  john bunyan 14:03 20 Oct 2009

I think this download must be the so - called 3.1.1 update - I had paid about £2.5 in jul for the wi fi / bluetooth update.(3.1?) I am not sure where this 3.1.1 has gone, nor why it cannot be downloaded without the i Pod connected.It does not seem to appear in the itunes store, nor if one checks for updates with no i Pod connected. Others on the iLounge forum seem to have had problems. I have sent the i Pod off to Apple via their courrier with a covering letter in the (probably vain) hope they will apply the two updates as I do not want a repeat performance!Maybe I should turn off my AVG , as oldbeefer2 did with Avast, but I am always worried about that.

  oldbeefer2 15:35 20 Oct 2009

I only had it turned off for the duration of the update and visited no other sites during that time, so shouldn't be a problem.

  john bunyan 16:52 20 Oct 2009

If it asks for the download I will follow your advice and, if I can find out how to do so, temporarily turn off, in my case, AVG8.5

  jack 17:22 20 Oct 2009

Zone Alarm Security suite - proved to have no hang ups.
Just they way these things go about covering you I guess.

  bremner 17:25 20 Oct 2009

The current update is 3.1.2

  jack 17:25 20 Oct 2009

proved most fruitful- got the WiFi sorted.
Blue Water was heaving with security and Police all over the place- There was a Jensen Button/Brawn Circus- How ever although there were spectators- I suspect the Security were a near 1 to 1 .

  john bunyan 18:10 20 Oct 2009

Can 3.1.2 be downloaded in i tunes without the i Pod connected for updating when plugged in ? If so how?

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