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  kimtrnc 15:52 13 Apr 2009

Becasue I have a very slow connection, I have to download BBC catch-up programs via Iplayer. Once downloaded, how can I copy these to disk, so my non-PC family can watch on DVD player at times they choose.

  Kemistri 20:28 14 Apr 2009

That is what DRM is for: to prevent people from stepping outside of copyright and usage restrictions by making and distributing copies. Even one copy provided to a family member would, quite correctly, infringe the BBC's copyright and go beyond your usage rights. The BBC makes some provision for downloading to mobile devices. Perhaps your family could use that facility.

The iPlayer's Help files explain things like this: click here

  kimtrnc 04:08 15 Apr 2009

thanks for that Kemistri - I have no wish to distribute anything. I only want to be able to show these progs to my own immediate live-with family.
If my computer wasn't in a room a LONG way from the main TV I would join it with some sort of interface cable, but it really isn't practical.
Oh well, maybe I can persuade my VERY VERY non-techie husband to venture into my computer room......

  Kemistri 13:09 15 Apr 2009

Placing content onto recorded media and passing it to someone else is considered to be a form of distribution, as far as copyright law goes. That's why the Beeb has the right to try to prevent it by using DRM.

Tell your hubbie that it's not as bad as he thinks. Even my 65 yr old Luddite parents have been encouraged to use iPlayer!

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