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I need help with an urgent question

  bakedpotato 23:24 03 Apr 2019

Hello there. i‘m from germany, currently visiting the US (sorry for my sometimes bad english) and I have a problem.

My Samsung S7 and my german SIM card worked perfectley here. Now my phone died and I need a new phone. I need it because I recieve TAN codes from my bank via text. I know that I need an unlocked phone but is there anything else that is important when it comes to using my german SIM in the states? The phone doesn‘t need to work in germany, it just needs to work here. Sorry for the question but I have no idea about it.


  Menzie 23:41 03 Apr 2019

The phone you get needs to be unlocked and also needs to support your network's frequency as well as the frequency of the network it uses for roaming when abroad.

To find out your network's frequency do a Google search of your network. For instance if your network is Vodafone search for "Vodaphone Frequency" and get a phone that has those specs.

  Forum Editor 11:51 04 Apr 2019

That's the 21st century for you - A person from Germany visiting America asks for help in a British web forum and gets a response from someone in Canada.

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