I need help with FreeSat

  Forum Editor 19:03 18 Sep 2008

One of my daughters has a SKY satellite dish and a SKY plus box. She also has an HD ready Sony TV - so far so good.

Her flatmate has just arrived home with a FreeSat box and an HDMI lead, and the two girls have had a frustrating hour trying to set the thing up. The man in the shop said they can use the FreeSat box with their SKY dish, and so do the nice people at FreeSat, but how do you connect it all up?

They've connected the FreeSat box to the TV with the DDMI lead, and the instructions with the FreeSat box tell you to connect the satellite dish to the 'LNB IN' connector on the box, but they're assuming that you need to connect the SKY box to the Freesat box, and so am I, but how?

The SKY box has two 'line in' connectors, both of which have a cable connected, and both cables come from the SKY Dish. How do you get a connection from the dish to the FreeSat box, and still have the use of the SKY box?

I'm sorry if that's a bit long-winded, but I'm trying to resolve this by phone, and so far my street cred is slipping fast.

  Forum Editor 19:14 18 Sep 2008

can the girls simply unplug one of the feeds that runs from the dish to the SKY box, and plug it into the FreeSat box - in other words, will the SKY box function with just one feed from the dish?

  jack 20:00 18 Sep 2008

Though I failed to find it in our search box
I seem to recall that a second collector[ an LMB or some such] is required to go into the Sky dish because of the slightly different orientation of the satellite.
A Google revealed this.
click here
Something here may reveal a clue

  laurie53 20:37 18 Sep 2008

FE - I have two Sky+ boxes and one of the feeds from the dish goes to each box.

I see no reason why this should not work with a Freesat box, tho' I have no actual experience of Freesat.

  MCE2K5 20:54 18 Sep 2008

FE, According to the Manuals from

click here

click here

click here

Page 2, Box 4,

Goodmans, Grundig and Bush, look like same box,

All have got LNB in and LNB out, so in theory take a cable from sky box to (LNB in) on freesat box, and a short cable from freesat (LNB out) to the sky box.

  BRYNIT 21:32 18 Sep 2008

If you remove a feed from the Sky+ box you will not be able to record one channel whilst watching another.

If the dish has only a twin (two way) LNB you will not be able to connect the freesat box without changing the LNB to a 4 way LNB doing this would probably void any warrentee with Sky.

If the dish already has a 4 way LNB (example click here) you would be able to connect another cable and feed it to the freesat box.

  MCE2K5 21:56 18 Sep 2008

The Bush BFSAT01HD brings you good quality SD and HD picture, and offers the LNB in and out to allow you to piggy-back another digital box without the need for another cable from the satellite dish.

  Forum Editor 22:55 18 Sep 2008

the girls are now watching HD TV and are very happy.

BRYNIT's point about not being able to watch and record at the same time with only one feed is noted, and a new 4way LNB is on order.

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