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I have just obtained WhatsApp

  john bunyan 21:28 14 Dec 2017

For my iPhone, to send pictures mainly, as my Giffgaff is difficult on that issue. How do I send a photo from the iPhone to my home desktop? I assume install the app , but I only know how to send things to contacts on my iPhone who have the App. How do I address my PC ?

  john bunyan 14:13 18 Dec 2017

Just to conclude; bought Bluetooth dongle from Novotech, installed Photo Transfer App on desktop and iPhone. Does what I wanted, in spite of Apple not having this facility, quicker than via a usb lead and iTunes and can send in both directions. Total cost: £1.80!including VAT (last of the big spenders) . Thanks to all who have replied.

  Menzie 17:21 18 Dec 2017

Good to hear that the Bluetooth option has worked well for your needs.

That is a great price on the adapter too.

  john bunyan 19:49 18 Dec 2017


Now found that by having the Photo transfer app switched on , on PC and I phone, I can use the wi fi router as well. Wasted £1.80 !! Would also work for wife's I pad.

  Menzie 00:59 19 Dec 2017

That I didn't know, I've learnt something today.

The speeds are probably much better than Bluetooth too.

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