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I have just obtained WhatsApp

  john bunyan 21:28 14 Dec 2017

For my iPhone, to send pictures mainly, as my Giffgaff is difficult on that issue. How do I send a photo from the iPhone to my home desktop? I assume install the app , but I only know how to send things to contacts on my iPhone who have the App. How do I address my PC ?

  iscanut 22:21 14 Dec 2017

Plug the phone into a USB socke on your pic t adnd the phone will be seen as another device. The Microsoft photo program should see the photos on your phone and if so I think you can do the usual drag and drop.

  iscanut 22:22 14 Dec 2017

Sorry about typo..should read...on your pc

  john bunyan 23:51 14 Dec 2017

Yes , I know that. What I am asking is if , via a similar system as a phone to phone photo sharing, can I use WhatsApp to obtain photos remotely from phone to PC , like an e mail attachment?

  Menzie 03:01 15 Dec 2017

As far as I know Whatsapp doesn't do what you're looking for.

For sharing photos between a computer and phone something like Google Drive possibly.

On my computer I purchased a wireless card that has a Bluetooth adapter built in. It allows me to share files between the PC and phone easily.

  john bunyan 08:52 15 Dec 2017

I can, of course, use iCloud photo stream, but WhatsApp works with android and iOS so it would be useful for sending one off photos to and from a pc

  john bunyan 16:17 15 Dec 2017


Thanks. My desktop supplier, Novatech, has a Bluetooth adapter for the vast sum of £1.80 (in VAT) so I will get one. To share a photo, do you have to do anything special?

  wee eddie 16:26 15 Dec 2017

JB: I'm beginning to think that all you want us to do is to say "You made the right choice".

But I think that there are better ways of achieving what you wish to do.

  john bunyan 17:02 15 Dec 2017

*wee eddie *

No, any suggestions welcome. It’s a bit of a faff to plug in via usb.

  wee eddie 18:16 15 Dec 2017

Then, as has already been suggested. I can't believe that you have not got some free webspace somewhere. Just transfer the photos to it. Then access it with your PC. You will need no extra software for that

  Menzie 19:41 15 Dec 2017

With Windows 10 Bluetooth functions once an adapter is present are already there so sharing files is easy. On Windows 7 it is a little more complex.

If your system is an Apple one then you could use Apple's Airdrop for the easiest sharing via Bluetooth.

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