Humax TV - squashed screen with borders top and bottom on some widescreen dvds?

  theDarkness 00:11 08 Jan 2012

I have a Humax tv here at the moment, and it runs great, but I have noticed with some dvds (when playing one or two tv series dvds in a test-eg trying out 'mrs browns boys series 1'), it plays in the wrong aspect ratio, so it plays squashed with borders top and bottom. Its ratio is 1:78:1 anamorphic, which could be the problem. I have tried every combination of screen ratio on my tvs control to the dvd players own ratio control settings, but nothing sorts the issue. If the ratio on the tv is set to 'automatic', the picture is perfect, but.. there are borders all over (left, right, top and bottom) and so the video plays in a small box on screen. There is no way to zoom in without losing this correct aspect ratio. Im pretty certain its the tv thats not understanding the aspect ratio of these dvds itself, as as it does not happen with movies (which I assume are usually 16:9).

These tv series dvds work fine on the pc, so as far as I can tell the black borders top and bottom are not part of the overall image. Has anyone any ideas on how to fix this issue, or does it look like a simple case of buying a better tv? I have another dvd player that I will test out tomorrow with the same humax tv. Thanks for any tips if possible

  dms_05 15:50 08 Jan 2012

Are you using HDMI or SCART connections?

  dms_05 15:57 08 Jan 2012

Widescreen TV is generally 16:9 whilst Movies (in Cinemascope type format) are 2.35:1 (ie much wider then widescreen TV by about 30% for the same picture height). So it depends upon what you are watching!

  theDarkness 19:18 08 Jan 2012

Its a scart connection. The dvd box states that this dvd (amongst other bbc tv series output) is widescreen anamorphic. I havent come across many dvds at all with this issue. To be clearer, ignore the first post, lol. I can change the ratio only on the tv controller, but I can zoom in on the dvd controller. Thats about it. Heres an better example:- click here!

With this dvd labelled as widescreen (anamorphic 1.78:1) I cannot get the dvd image to fill out the entire screen. It would have been nice for the image to be able to fill out the entire widescreen tv as much as possible, unsquashed and stretched, even if that meant cutting off a small part of the image, whether horizontally or vertically. I would rather that than having to view it in a small box on screen. I know the squashed option (my first screenshot) doesnt bother some people, but I find it annoying, lol. thanks for the replies.

  dms_05 14:01 10 Jan 2012

It would hazard a guess that the DVD output is the problem as the TV seems to be behaving as it should. Humax users have their own forum at and you might ask there.

  [email protected] 02:22 12 Jan 2012

Having seen the screenshots, I'm thinking the same as dms_05. It looks like the DVD player is outputting a 4:3 signal, hence adding excessive black borders to the top and bottom of your image. Have a look through your DVD Players settings (ie not those within the DVD movie) and see if you can change anything there.

If you have another TV or DVD player in the house, you could try swapping things around to confirm that is the case.

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