Humax PVR - 9200T

  Lebensohl 15:14 05 Jan 2012

No Humax dealer has been able to answer my question. When I record two different digital programmes at the same time I am able to watch a third digital programme albeit of a restricted range of the originally available channels. I thought the Humax had two tuners so how come it is able to receive three programmes at once? There is now only digital programmes in my area.

  wiz-king 19:42 05 Jan 2012

Set it up and see!

  wiz-king 19:52 05 Jan 2012

It says in the book 'Record 2 Freeview channels simultaneously (overlapping programmes) whilst watching another if its on the same DTT multiplex channel.' so your answer is yes - sometimes.

  mikwag 11:07 07 Jan 2012

The tuners tune to a MUX, which broadcasts multiple 'programmes' - e.g. BBC broadcasts BBC1, BBC2, BBC3 on Mux 1, whilst BBC4 is broadcast on Mux B. So, I assume (and this is me guessing ...), if you record both BBC1 and BBC4, then your 2 tuners are tuned to Multiplexes 1 and B. Therefore, it can record both BBC1 and BBC4, BUT will also receive all the other programmes that are also being broadcast on those multiplexes. Hence you could probably watch BBC2. However, programmes broadcast on the other multiplexes - e.g. ITV1 - which is broadcast on Mux 2, will not be available for viewing as these muxes are not being tuned in to.

I would think that if you had a powerful enough processor in the box, and fast enough recording media, you could theoretically record ALL channels being broadcast on one mux, allowing you to use one tuner to record all the BBC programmes broadcast on Mux 1, for example at the same time. This would mean that theoretically, you could record ALL programmes available with just 6/7 tuners (there being 7 muxes used in the UK.) At some time in the future, when storage is extremely cheap, and processor power huge, then this may well be the way this might work - record EVERYTHING, and then you could watch whatever you wanted - you have your own 'iplayer' etc. However, whether this would be a viable commercial box is another matter. Almost certainly, it will be a DIY option for some ....

  Alan_B 21:49 09 Jan 2012

You are able to view a third programme, whilst recording two other programmes - provided that it is being broadcast on the same "MUX" (multiplex) channel as one of the two programmes being recorded. details which channels co-exist on each Mux. On my 9200T, channels which are unobtainable for viewing during recording of two other channels are grayed out. In answer to mikwag, the 9200T records the transport stream (ie complete Mux and therefore all channels within that Mux), then decodes the individual programmes on playback. That way the processor only needs decode the channel which is being viewed, not those being recorded. In theory, all channels recorded in a transport stream can be recovered from the stored file, but you need an external PC for that and file transfer from a 9200T is a bit messy and slow.

  ton 21:28 02 Feb 2012

If you record two different programs at once on the Humax, then view (at the same time) any Freeview channel you want using the TV's tuner, if it has a Freeview tuner.

This seems to be the obvious way to do things.

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