Humax HDR2000t recording two channeles watch one?

  Ex plorer 22:48 25 Mar 2014

Hi I have a Humax HDR2000t.

On Freeviw I can record two channels and supposedly watch one, however I am finding that is not always the case.

Tonight I was recording on 5star, and Movie Mix, both started at nine.

I wanted to also watch channel 5 but a banner popped to say cannot change channel while recording.

I was able to watch certain TV programs but most said cannot change channel while recording this included all BBC programs.

This has happened twice now while recording two programs The TV is connected to HMDI2 and double checked.

I also run a coaxil TV lead from the out on the humax, to TV In where the Arial usually plugs into.

Any help appreciated.

  BRYNIT 23:02 25 Mar 2014

From the Humax web page.

The twin digital tuner allows you to record two programmes simultaneously; you can even watch one channel whilst recording another.

If you have a Digital TV you can watch a third channel via the TV tuner and allow the Humax HDR2000t to record the two programs you have set.

  Ex plorer 10:05 26 Mar 2014

Hi BRYNIT that's how I understand it to work. But How.

Later this after noon I am going to try with out the second Arial and see how that works.

If that fails I will try a splitter at the back of the Humax and connect a Coaxial lead from that into the TV Arial input.

Any one had any problems whilst recording two programs.

  Ex plorer 10:06 26 Mar 2014

Should have mentioned its a Digital TV only four years old.

  BRYNIT 10:28 26 Mar 2014

Aerial goes into Humax box out of humax box and into the TV as long as you have tuned your TV into the channels you will have no problems. If you have not watched channels via your TV for a While I would retune all channels.

Your Humax box will usually be connected via HMDI or scart and if you usually view your TV channels via the Humax box the TV will always switch to this connection. To view normal TV channels you need to select the source button on the remote and then select TV (may be slightly different on your remote so check instruction book) to change back to Humax box press source button and then HDMI or scart depending on connection.

  natdoor 11:06 26 Mar 2014

Brynit's advice is correct. However, the problem that you experienced in only sometimes being able to view a channel while recording two is due to the grouping of channels into multiplexes.

"As there are dual Freeview HD tuners, you can record two programmes at once and watch a third, provided it's on the same multiplex as one of the current recordings (multiplexes being the small groupings that digital channels are broadcast in)".

Switching to TV will enable you to view any channel while recording two.

  Ex plorer 14:37 26 Mar 2014

Thank you both,

BRYANT Yes that's how my connections are connected.

Yes I watch through the Humax box when its switched On, but not in stand-by as this will not work.

so if this happens again switch from HDMI2 to TV.

On my TV remote its (Input AV-TV) to swap I press AV for a list of HDMIs TV etc.

natdoor, So moving from HDMI2 to TV wont interfere with the recordings.

If that's correct please would you Confirm.

  natdoor 15:09 26 Mar 2014

Yes, switching your TV to TV rather than HDMI will have no affect on your recording. Your TV will perform as though the Humax were not there and the Humax will use its two receivers for your recording. Then revert to HDMI to view the recordings or to watch via the Humax if not wishing to watch another channel while recording two.

  Ex plorer 15:33 26 Mar 2014

Thank you both for you time and explanations.

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