Humax HDR2000t External drive.

  Ex plorer 11:55 01 May 2014

Hi I have now filled my Humax 500GB to within 15% of its capacity, with content I would like to keep for future viewing.

From what I have read and understand I can buy a external hard drive, but you cant play or record from it. You load the content from the Humax to the external hard drive for storage.

This frees up the Humax drive for further recording that you could fill to say 75% and if you wanted to watch from your external drive you would then load it to the Humax and watch.

Have I got this right.

  Bris 19:59 01 May 2014

Some info here.

Although not specific to your PVR it looks relevant.

  Ex plorer 09:28 02 May 2014

Bris Thanks for that, It would appear you can play from an external drive which makes more sense, so I assume it must be OK for the Humax 2000t. I will double check first.

Thanks for your reply.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:30 03 May 2014

works best if you connect a blank HDD to the usb port then select storage and format the new drive using the HUmax

then move/ copy your files across to the new drive

check they play OK then delete from the ok drive.


remove old drive - fit a new 1Tb drive - put old drive in caddy and connect via usb port

  Ex plorer 17:34 06 May 2014

Fruit Bat /\0/\ that would have been a better idea, but I had already started the copying. It certainly would have been a faster way.

I bought a a 1TB external hard drive (none powered) and connected the USB to the front of the Humax.

To copy onto the external drive.

Using the remote, press media, select all films and folders you want to transfer using the up/down cursor.

Press the red button to tick programs and files you want to copy onto your external hard drive.

When sorted Press the opt button and you will see copy/move select that and OK.

This brings up another selection with (HD/vidio and expansion choose expansion click OK. That's it.

To check on how the copying to External hard drive is doing during copying press media, press the blue button, and you will see the USB HD, and Humax HD, use the cursor arrows to select press OK. Press Exit when finished.

If you record during copying it may slow down the job in hand.

It took over 50 hours to copy 480GB for me so be patient, it may have been faster had the hard drive had its own power sauce.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:17 07 May 2014

My Fox T2 is the same

Files are encrypted while recording and decrypted when copying to external drive, this is why it takes so long, especially if recorded in HD.

I have it connected to my net work so - record programs - copy to external drive then transfer via network to PC for editing / converting.

Edited / converted copy can then be transferred back to HDD or external drive and original deleted.

  Ex plorer 19:01 07 May 2014

That's very interesting Fruit Bat /\0/\ thanks.

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