Huge project help needed.

  wolfie3000 06:11 16 Jun 2006

Me and the clan are starting out on a huge video project using GTA Vice city.

We have almost everything we need apart from one importent thing.

Decent video editing software.

I dont think mindows movie maker will cut it for this project.

We intend to make a professinal movie about an hour long.

We are after video editing software that can chop up and reconnect video and multi layered sound.

Also have a huge range of effects and transitions.

Is there any out there hopefully freeware as we are on a very tight budget.

Also something thats easy to use like Ulead video studio 8.

  GroupFC 13:04 16 Jun 2006

I'll think you will be hard pushed to find what you are looking for (if indeed sucha beast exists!).

The terms "professional movie" and freeware don't really go together! The only freeware video editor that I know of is Zwei-Stein so you could have a look at that click here

Good luck!

  Forum Editor 01:06 17 Jun 2006

is a superb post-production product, and will do everything you want and more, costs around £745.

If you're after something a little less expensive (but decidedly less professional) take a look at Pinnacle studio Media suite click here at £89.99

  wolfie3000 01:14 17 Jun 2006

Thanks FE we did look at getting Pinnacle.

If i explain a bit more what our idea is maybe it will give you an idea of what we need.

We are looking to start something along the lines of redvsblue if you havent heard of it its a group of guys who use halo to make funny animations,

It became so popular that they relaesed a few dvd,s for sale and are making a good living from it.

click here

Anyway our ideas aint so grand but we want to head into that direction.

So investing in some good editing software i guess is essential.

But pinnacle looks to fit our needs so far unless theres some other semi proffesional software out there?

  wolfie3000 01:29 17 Jun 2006

Just out of interest here are two of the main characters we are using for this film.

click here

click here

We havent got names for them yet.

  Haol 15:11 17 Jun 2006

Ooo nice characters, I like the wolf! It's all good having the software but then you're going to have to learn it and if you're going to for something professional, maybe an Adobe product it will take you quite some time to learn it to a good standard.

  wolfie3000 01:43 18 Jun 2006

I agree Haol

This is why i said in my original question something as easy as ulead video studio as iv used it before and found it easy to use.

Any suggestions welcome.

  Haol 09:05 18 Jun 2006

Well usually your first instinct is right, so yeah Ulead would do you just perfect.

  wolfie3000 02:09 19 Jun 2006

still working on the script so plenty of time to decide what to go for.

  Haol 16:09 19 Jun 2006

So how long will the video's be?

  wolfie3000 16:35 19 Jun 2006

Well we want to make a film so maybe about an hour,

Or if you mean how long will it take to complete well a rough guess would be about two months.

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