Huawei G6609 Dual Sim WiFi problem

  emergeukltd 11:37 02 Dec 2014

Hello. I have just bought a Huawei G6609 and cannot access WiFi.

From 'settings' I go to 'connectivity' and click on 'WLAN' My BT home WiFi link then comes on the screen with a good signal strength.

Clicking on this link does nothing - I have already entered the password etc. The is no other way to access WiFi in the menu that I can find).

Anyone able to help please ? Be warned it needs to be a 'dummies' guide as I am not at all technical !

Best, Paul

  alanrwood 19:18 02 Dec 2014

Did you enter the correct WEP passcode when you clicked (touched) the connection on the connection screen. Did you pick the correct wireless network name (SSD) from the list of possible connections.

  emergeukltd 11:20 03 Dec 2014

Hello Alan.

Thanks for your help. The answer is yes to both of your suggestions. I am connected to the right home WiFi and have entered the WEP again to check it is the correct one.

Here's the thing though. When I click on the WiFi to enter the password 'pre-shared key' appears on the screen for password entry - Should it not be 'enter password' ???

  alanrwood 15:42 03 Dec 2014

Do you have a WiFi button on your router which you can press to share the key.

  emergeukltd 10:41 04 Dec 2014

Hello Alan. Nope. I have the password and a WPS pin and that's about it.

Any other thoughts ?

  alanrwood 13:15 04 Dec 2014


What encryption have you set up on your router, WEP or WPA-2(PSK) [Pre Shared Key]. It should be WPA-2. You can enter your own encryption key and make a note of it. Then try to connect your phone to the wireless network concerned and enter the same encryption key. It should then connect.

  emergeukltd 12:00 08 Dec 2014

Hello Alan. Still no luck !?! Thanks for your help and input anyway.

Best, Paul

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