Huawei Blaze 8510 - saving sim contacts & texting questions

  CattyLady 10:51 15 Nov 2013

Hi, wonder if somebody could please give me some help with two things I need assistance with please. for 1. I need step-by-step instructions on how I can save my sim contacts to my PC. In the menu there are facilities to back up to SD but there is no SD card on this phone.

  1. I set up text to speech with the help of a chap at the phone shop who told me that I could do this my connecting to my broadband wireless, and that it wouldn't use my broadband allowance. I don't think it does but since setting that up I get a message every day that 02 have charged me £1 for data for 24 hours. As I really only use my phone for texting this will cost me a fortune.

As I can't remember how this text to speech was set up so I decided I'd do without the text to speech (although I would like to keep it) and reset my phone to factory settings but I'm worried about losing my contacts.

I'd be very grateful if somebody could help this numpty!! Thank you.

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