Huawei ascend p2 frozen- broken lock button

  camouflage03uk 20:59 05 Oct 2014

My Huawei ascend p2's screen is frozen and the button used to do a hard reset is broken (has been for weeks.) The battery cant be taken out of the phone and the back of it is getting very hot. Please give any advice as I really need this fixed asap

  wee eddie 12:14 06 Oct 2014

Firstly: Mobile phones are not really designed in a way that easily enables repair work. It is unlikely that there is anything much that you can do yourself other than replacing a screen and even that is fraught with perils although not difficult once you've done a couple.

To my mind, your best bet would be to get it returned to a suitable 3rd Party, usually via the place you purchased it from. You may even be able to get it repaired under some Warranty term or other.

Secondly: The repairer is very likely to find it cheaper, and easier, to swap it out with a used model, as Smartphone Models change so swiftly that spares are rarely easily available.

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