HTC syncronisation problem

  Edith 11:23 30 Nov 2008

I have been syncronising my HTC phone with windows mobile since aquiring the phone in May this year but for some reason it will not do so today. The basic problem seems to be that the software is simply not recognising the phone. I have no reason as to why and cannot seem to access any option on the software to try something different. Wondering what the options are or has anyone else had this problem and found a solution?

  Diodorus Siculus 12:07 30 Nov 2008

I had a HTC S710 running WinMobile 6. I solved the problem by removing ActiveSync 4.5, rebooting and reinstalling.

Keep a backup of your PST file just to be safe.

Do you have XP or Vista?

  Edith 12:19 30 Nov 2008

Thanks but I may have resolved my isssue by "unclicking" the box in the connection tab on the HTC named"Enable advanced network functioality". This I found after my posting in the HTC handbook. Not absolutley sure it is working as before so will try your solution if I still have problems going forwrard. Many thanks for your response. Edith

  Woolwell 23:20 30 Nov 2008

Interested in this. I had no problems with my HTC and XP but as soon as I moved to Vista I had real problems. Sync was very hit and miss and HTC were unable to help. Suddenly it began to sync every time without any apparent change from me. I suspect that a windows update may have cured the problem.

  Edith 22:18 01 Dec 2008

Woolwell thank you for your interest in my problem. For some reason the syncronisation now appears to have resolved itself. I am not absolutely sure why but suspect it may have something to do with closing down my vista operating system and not disconnecting HTC first. Anyway have rebooted the pc and connected the HTC to it and syncronisation appears to be working. The mystery of technology!

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