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  sunnystaines 08:51 13 Sep 2010

click here

for htc desire small update

  SURVEY 17:43 13 Sep 2010

Should I be waiting for the new Desire HD before purchasing? I believe it is out in October? I will need to know if the new one is worth buying or maybe the present one will reduce its price accordingly!

  sunnystaines 21:45 13 Sep 2010

new one has larger screen, and better screen in hd, had i know last week i would have waited.

but very pleased with the one i got.

  Forum Editor 22:30 13 Sep 2010

and all HTC Desire owners should receive it automatically.

  SURVEY 10:14 14 Sep 2010

sunnystaines - is the battery life better on the HD phone? Are HTC going to discontinue the present Desire, leaving only the Desire HD?

  sunnystaines 14:46 14 Sep 2010

I think i read it was a better battery too.

I had an odd fault on mine it would not connect to internet yesterday, yet a person sat next to me on same network had a strong signal, phoned "3" helpline they fobbed me off with "some phones get a better signal than others", took it back to the store where they had same problem, it was fixed by taking out the sim replacing with another provider sim then returning mine and the net was back working fast as ever. not sure why.

  SURVEY 16:27 14 Sep 2010

sunnystaines - thanks for your reply. Really useful as you have one. I think I shall wait until the HD is out and then see exactly what the advantages are over the present model. My guess is that the present model will be discontinued. I still cannot get a definitive answer from HTC as to whether it will sync with my Outlook 2000 calendar (I know it will with 2003 and 2007).

Incidentally there is a good utube 7min video showing how to get a much better battery life on the Desire entitled 'How to get longer battery life on HTC Desire'.

  sunnystaines 17:10 14 Sep 2010

good tip, now added black wallpaper and the power widget.

  sunnystaines 17:49 20 Sep 2010

that small update arrived today all went ok

  sunnystaines 13:53 22 Sep 2010

the new htc desire in october will come with windows not andoid worth bearing in mind. not many apps yet for windows.

  SURVEY 15:59 22 Sep 2010

According to HTC's website both the Desire HD and the Z use the android 2.2 platform

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