htc sensation keeps swithcing off

  delving 12:18 20 Aug 2013

i recently upgraded my trusty htc desire for a samsung galaxy s3 mini. Wished i hadn't! to cut a longish story short, i got rid of the S3 & got an htc sensation. But now this has developed problems. The minor irritating ones like reverting to standard ringtone after i've connected to a pc as a disk drive i could live with, but now it keeps randomly switching itself off. Also, the ringtone is so quiet i keep missing calls. Any ideas? (and no, i don't want an iphone!! ;-) )

  beccles555 09:53 21 Aug 2013

thanks Lazurus - i'll try that. Interesting to note that vid has had over 16000 views! don't HTC test their phones before putting on the market. Anyway, if this works, it still leaves me with the strange issue of ring tone reverting to default after pc connection (did factory reset and it didn't help). Also the ringtone is so quiet compared to other phones i've had. I keep missing calls. The increased volume when in pocket function doesn't seem to make any difference. I've read about an app called volume+ but don't think it works on android 4.0.3 which is what i'm on. Also read that OTA updates can fix the problem, but not sure how to get them, and also not sure if they are safe. For now i've used a pc app called MP3gain to increase the volume on an MP3 track from my laptop and have copied that to thephone & am using that as a ringtone. Of course it still reverts after connection to a pc, so i have to keep changing it back!! I'm amazed HTC put out a phone with such a quiet ringtone, after all, it is a friggin telephone!!

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