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HTC One Mini odd boot screen

  tony-guitar 20:12 20 Jun 2015

Hi, I did a restart on my HTC One Mini and now I have a strange boot screen. There are 3 separate blocks. The top one says " xxx LOCKED xxx " the next one down says "FASTBOOT" with options to use the vol and power buttons, and the bottom one says " BOOTLOADER ". This is the only one I can scroll through. The options are; Reboot, Reboot Downloader and Power Down. Whatever I do, I can't get it go back to, well, a normal phone. Any suggestions please? P.s This phone is NOT password protected, so I don't understand why the top bit says 'locked'

  tony-guitar 22:17 20 Jun 2015

I've sorted it. I selected the re-boot option and held down both vol buttons and the power button simultaneously. Keep holding even when the screen goes blank and eventually it re-started.

  OldBlue 17:10 13 Aug 2015

I had a similar problem when switching on. I was pressing the start button and the volume button at the same time which sends the phone to engineers mode. If this happens just select reboot and all should be well!

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