HTC Desire Backups

  sunnystaines 22:03 09 Sep 2010

I found the manual online the quick start guide that came in the box was poor.

how do i check is backup is enabled? the manual says

"Checking if automatic backup is enabled
Press HOME > MENU, and then tap Settings.
Scroll down the screen, and then tap Privacy > Back up my data.
Make sure that the Back up my data check box is selected"

I get as far as settings but no "privacy" option to tap on, looked around elsewhere on the phone and lost, anyone able to put me right please.

  SURVEY 12:09 10 Sep 2010

I am thinking of buying this phone an djust wondered if you know if it can sync my Outlook 2000 calendar and contacts? The HTC site seems to say only Outlook 2003 and 2007 but I note on the internet that it will sync. Before I take the plunge I need to know. Have tried emailing HTC 'support' but they seem to ge hedging the question. Will the Desire HD be any better and is it worth waiting for?

  sunnystaines 12:37 10 Sep 2010

i only use gmail these days and desire sync perfect with gmail via home wifi.the srceen is good but the hd smasungS has a better screen.

I am still on the learning curve read throught the 211 page pdf manual i found on the net last night.

  monkeyboy21 12:47 10 Sep 2010

Standard fare now to give you a quick guide to get started, then a whole pdf on line, however the online manual is very comprehensive. Just takes a while to scroll through on the Desire though!

  sunnystaines 14:22 10 Sep 2010

the htc web support is out of date so is the pdf manuel and FAQ's they still refer to a prev version of android not the present 2.2 version.

  SURVEY 16:33 10 Sep 2010

monkeyboy21 - that is what I have found. Their 'support' team do not seem to be up-to-date with their knowledge and that is why I posed my query on this thread. I had somewhere (via google) that it will sync with Outlook 2000 now whereas it only did with versions 2003 and 2007 previously.

  sunnystaines 16:35 10 Sep 2010

i have asked htc if there is any backup, but they seem unable to fully answer

they say
"Privacy option with back up option has been removed in Android 2.2 for further development."

does that mean no backup or backup without the privacy option?

  sunnystaines 20:21 18 Sep 2010

still not sorted thinking about connecting the phone to pc and try to backup that way

  HXP 23:49 12 Nov 2010

HTC Sync v3 avaiable for PC

click here

There are also quite a few appd on the market which allow you to back up all your apps to the phone rather than having to re install them all. lok for backup on market

You can also sync clander and contacts using sync V3

  sunnystaines 08:25 13 Nov 2010

thanks for the link

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