How to watch films on TV which are downloaded on the Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone?

  geek84 20:15 25 Oct 2014

Hi Folks I managed to download an app called Showbox on my phone, which as I understand it, enables you to watch movies on your mobile phone. Is that correct? I am not very tech savvy, so was wondering if any of you kind folk out there would answer some of the questions that I have: 1. How do I find out that I have downloaded the app correctly? 2. When I touch the Showbox icon (which shows a photo of a human eye), how do I use it to find films that I want to watch? 3. Once I find a suitable film, how do I download it on to the phone? 4. Would that use a lot of memory and would I need some sort of memory card?
5. If I wanted to watch the downloaded film on a normal TV, how do I connect my phone to the TV? Thanks very much in advance for your responses.

  ams4127 22:21 25 Oct 2014

The best app I have found is Mx Player. VLC is also very good.

You need to connect your Galaxy to you PC and, after the drivers have installed, it will show as another device in "My Computer". Open it and navigate to the Movies folder. Just drag a movie into the folder ( you may need to convert it to MP4 standard. Handbrake is a good tool to do so.) Samsung also provides their own PC tool called "Kies" which you can also use to transfer files, backup your phone etc..

Disconnect the phone, tap the Mx Player to open it and your movie will show as ready to play on your phone.

Chromecast is just one of the methods of playing your movie on your TV. There are many others which a Google search will reveal.


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