How to watch films on TV which are downloaded on the Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone?

  geek84 20:15 25 Oct 2014

Hi Folks I managed to download an app called Showbox on my phone, which as I understand it, enables you to watch movies on your mobile phone. Is that correct? I am not very tech savvy, so was wondering if any of you kind folk out there would answer some of the questions that I have: 1. How do I find out that I have downloaded the app correctly? 2. When I touch the Showbox icon (which shows a photo of a human eye), how do I use it to find films that I want to watch? 3. Once I find a suitable film, how do I download it on to the phone? 4. Would that use a lot of memory and would I need some sort of memory card?
5. If I wanted to watch the downloaded film on a normal TV, how do I connect my phone to the TV? Thanks very much in advance for your responses.

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