how to use your mobile as a cheap wireless modem for your pc?

  theDarkness 01:10 03 Jul 2008

I have heard it is possible to use my Sony ericsson k800i as a wireless modem on my laptop, but i cannot find one website with the correct settings to enter on my computer. The internet service on my k800 is O2, it is prepaid gprs, which is £7 per month, so is not dial up and not charged per minute. My laptop within the internet setup, however, requires a service name, service phone nos, password and ip address etc to use my phone as a modem, so i am completely stuck. Can anyone help, if they have managed to get it working on an O2 k800 mobile phone? The internet service on my phone has a limit of 200mb per month, and would prob be slow using it as a modem on my computer, but i wanted to try it out at least once. Thanks very much for any help if possible. I have heard i can use as the IP address for port 80 or 8080, but some claim these settings do not work. Xp and vista still require an internet service telephone number even when my mobile internet is not charged per minute, and i do not know what to put for any other settings such as service name etc. Thanks for any help.

  theDarkness 02:54 03 Jul 2008

Managed to get it working, but only for! Surely if it can work for one website it can work for all other http? Unless i need a special browser to view everything via the proxy, i dunno.. its pretty slow, but i just wanted it to try out. More than one page does work on the o2 site after all.. Anyone know how i can get other sites working? Thanks

  theDarkness 14:31 03 Jul 2008

Title should be "to get mobile working as usb modem", not a wireless one!

  theDarkness 22:39 03 Jul 2008

I got it working on my vista laptop for viewing all websites, using my phone as a usb modem, with my phone on the uk o2 network. This should be the same for xp. I used the mozilla browser instead of IE, and in tools>options for connection settings in mozilla, i used for the http proxy, Port 8080, and selected to use this proxy server for all protocols. Dead slow on the net (unless i switch off images or can find a way to reduce image quality).. but it works! :)

  mkennyd 23:50 04 Jul 2008

to much of the numbers and geek speek, talk to us in english unless your'e a yank.
193.113.200 yah di yah di yah and so on and so forth.
are you asking or telling us the subject.

  theDarkness 23:11 06 Jul 2008

Unfortunately its the yah-di-yah-di that was needed to give out the required info! if you wanted to get online using a basic modern mobile phone, you would have needed similar.. From my first post, i required the correct settings in IE to get online using my mobile phone, and in the second post, i had found how to get around the problem and get online, by using a different browser-mozilla! Dead slow, but it works! WohooOOOOo :) case closed :)

  setecio 10:00 18 Jul 2008


If you type

into google I think it gives you lots of relevant info :)

  theDarkness 23:45 30 Jul 2008

I just tried that on google, noticed o2 have more than one available port you can enter for net access. i have to use 8080 for £7.50 mobile web via mobile, although it seems this port or 9201 used to give absolutely free net access in the past even without a monthly bolt on! No doubt they are aware of this now since without the monthly bolt on my credit on the mobile using the web will run out pretty fast :) lol

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