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How to upload videos from HTC android and Blackberry phones

  tony-guitar 18:12 27 Aug 2012

I have an HTC Desire HD, and my wife a BlackBerry Bold 9730. We both have taken several videos of our Granddaughter and would like to upload them to our Win7 pc's. I've recently used Picasa3 for the photo's, but is there free software that will upload both pics and vids? Windows' own 'Live' seems to do it but it wants to upload everything, inc all the images from my internet browsing, over 3000!!, as well as the 300 or so proper photo's an a dozen videos.

  theDarkness 14:01 24 Nov 2012

When you connect many HTC mobiles to a computer via their default cables, its usually as simple as selecting the 'hard drive' option that would pop up on the phones screen, which will enable you to browse the phones content. You could then click on 'my computer' on your pc as normal and on one of the extra hard drives that will now have appeared to browse for your files. Two drives should appear - one drive will be the phones memory ('HTC Storage' may show for this), the other will be for its SD memory card, if one is in the phone. On some HTC mobiles, you might find your videos in the memory card hard drive, located at DCIM\100MEDIA, which you can then choose to copy or cut and paste to a pc folder. If nothing appears as you connect the pc to your mobile via cable, try going to the phones Settings, and selecting Connect to PC > Default connection type > Disk drive. There should hopefully be a similar option on your phone.

I havent used a blackberry, but this might help-

Judging from some forums, users have had problems transferring media from their phone, even with mass storage mode on (as in above link), and their solution was to either update their phone, or cheat by sending videos and photos from the phone to their own email address, and finally use their pc to access the same emails with their attached media. If your files are on the Blackberrys SD memory card, you should be able to copy or cut and paste them straight to your pc via cable, similar to how an htc would, all you will need to do is find the folder where your videos are kept. If they are on the phones memory, and you do not have a memory card, emailing might be the easy solution. If you do have extra memory, and no access to your phones memory is available from your pc, you might have to transfer the videos to its SD memory card first, similar to this:-

  1. In device Menu select 'Media'
  2. Select 'Videos' (or the equivalent folder)
  3. Select the videos you want to move from device memory to its memory card
  4. Press BB Menu button then select 'Move'
  5. Press BB Menu button and select 'Explore'
  6. Select 'Media Card'
  7. Menu pops up and select 'Move Into'

After that, you should be able to browse its content via your pc. Try reading here (where the above was taken from):-

  tony-guitar 23:51 24 Nov 2012

Thankyou Darkness. I've tried the email route, but the file size is always too big and usually fails. This is an issue that seems to be unresolvable. My HTC, like many devices now, has an 8mp camera, producing great pictures and videos which produce files too big to send via email. - Tony

  theDarkness 15:08 25 Nov 2012

Do you have memory cards in both phones? The easy solution is to surely buy cards for each. MicroSD cards are used on most phones of today and can be cheap. Make sure all your photos and videos taken on each phone are set to save onto them, and cut and paste your files from your phones to your pc within windows explorer. You shouldnt have too many problems in transferring files from your HTCs mobile or sd card to your pc via usb cable.

For transferring photographs, have you tried Dropbox for either phone? Im not sure if it can handle large videos, but it might be worth a look:-

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