How to Test a Satellite Motor?

  kjrider 12:25 19 May 2013

I bought a Satellite Motor at a car boot sale for £15, which seemed to be in quite good condition. Its a Superjack DG-120 DSiSEqC 1.2 H-H mount which can also do USALS. It has a single coaxial cable for power and control. I have been trying to find some info or a manual to download, without success.

I want to test it out before I climb up on the roof to fix it, but I don't know how to do it. My receiver is an amiko SHD-7900 CICX PVR.

any info would be really appreciated.



  wiz-king 06:54 20 May 2013

I hope you have the control box / receiver that goes with it or one that has the required type of connection. I cannot see that on your receivers spec.

  wiz-king 08:01 20 May 2013

Ignore that - it does have the required connections.

User manual for tunerand for the rotator not much info though.

  kjrider 09:04 20 May 2013

Hi wiz-king

There is no control box for the motor - it is controlled by the Satellite receiver that can switch between DISEqC 1.2 or USALS functions.

The only connection is the coaxial lead that goes to the LNB, through the motor. That supplies the power and the control to the motor.

  TV-Repairman 07:35 25 May 2013

Just connect the DiSEqC motor to the receiver and fiddle with the menu settings. If you can get the motor to rotate east/west, it's almost certainly OK. No need to connect to an LNB for testing purposes.

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