How to swap Xperia ZX1 @ minimum personal expense?

  jaycork 19:27 03 Jan 2018

So up until December 20th I had a Nexus 6P. Until it started having some battery serious issues, probably due to the cold weather. I knew was a common problem so I sent it off to Vodafone to be repaired. When it came back to me a lot of it was damaged. I contacted Vodafone and the result was they offered me a free replacement from their selection. None of what they offered tickled my fancy so I ended up with the Sony phone. All I wanted was; stock (or close to) android with the likelihood of reaching version 9.0, an OLED screen, USB type C, and NFC. They were nice actually offered me a freephone, but nothing that ticked all my boxes. I thought I can live with the ZX1... it turns out I can't. I hate almost everything about it (apart from the colours) and I want it gone. I'm due for upgrade in January and Vodafone have assured me that this freephone will not impact the upgrade, but they don't carry the phones I would like. I wasn't planning on upgrading anyway as I was more than happy with my 6P. So I haven't budgeted for a new phone. So the plan was to sell the phone they gave me and by a phone I would like.

I've just looked at selling, as I've seen the Pixel 2 going for £500. I'm a bit annoyed/concerned to find out that most people selling the ZX1 for around £350. Retail is selling for £500, so I thought I would be closer to that, minus the potential of it being locked. Which puts me out of pocket by an amount an this entitled student really can't afford. The phone is less than a month old and it still has one of his labels on his back, I just can't see how the price disparity formed.

I'm just wondering what the best way of selling an almost new phone for a high price would be? So I'm not spending, what is to me, an obscene amount of money on a personal taste issue. Alternatively what else could I be doing to get rid of my current phone and replace it with something less vile.

Also, I don't if this matters at all, but I no longer have my 6p. Even though it's battered it still works so I donated it to my little brother whose own 6p suffered much worse under the battery issues.

  Forum Editor 09:45 04 Jan 2018

"The phone is less than a month old and it still has one of his labels on his back, I just can't see how the price disparity formed."

It's a secondhand phone, plain and simple. The best you can do is advertise it as being in mint condition, hardly used, etc., but you are facing a buyers' market - people have lots of similar phones to choose from.

In the end, you'll need to face that fact, and sell it for whatever it fetches. Forget about getting near to its new price, that isn't going to happen - the phone was generally reviewed as being over-priced against competitors when new, and that doesn't help.

Phones like the Galaxy S8 and LG G6 make the Sony look a bit dated, and you can get a better phone like the OnePlus 5T for less money.

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