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How to stop calender synch with other devices

  davecooper 14:26 08 Feb 2020

How do I stop the calender reminders on my Samsung Galaxy A6 from appearing on my Samsung tablet? We all use the tablet so I don't want my reminders displayed for all to see. The tablet is set up with the same account as my phone.

  davecooper 23:11 08 Feb 2020

After investigating further I don't think you can prevent this so until I get my next (non Android) tablet, I won't use the calender on my phone to set reminders.

  wee eddie 08:51 09 Feb 2020

Dave, this is something I have avoided but, reading your Post, it occurs to me that there must be Calendar Apps, other than the one automatically installed by Samsung, that you can use.

As they will not be on the Tablet, you private life should be safe. However, if synchronisation also synchronises the installation of Apps, you're stuffed.,

  davecooper 09:18 23 Feb 2020

Thanks Wee Eddie. I will look into using alternative calender apps. However, I am not confident as I have an alternative calender app from the play store on my tablet and this has been synched to the Samsung app on my phone. I will do a bit more investigation along these lines though.

  Jollyjohn 15:25 23 Feb 2020

You could create a new account specifically for the tablet.

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