How Secure Are Pnone Notifications?

  morddwyd 10:47 20 Apr 2017

Just had a screen notification from Samsung asking me to confirm my account password, with a link, no other back up like an email. just the notification.

In Windows I wouldn't hesitate to ignore such a request, or a link, but are Amdroid notifications more secure?

  wee eddie 12:07 20 Apr 2017

It's a fraudster looking for your details

  Forum Editor 17:58 22 Apr 2017

wee eddie is right - ignore the request.

  morddwyd 18:17 22 Apr 2017

Thank you both.

  Forum Editor 18:50 22 Apr 2017

No reputable company will ever ask you to confirm your account password in this way because they are all well aware of the obvious security implications.

The only time you should ever do it is if you are on a secure page showing the https indicator inside the company's website. If a link in a message doesn't start with https and point to the company's domain name, don't use it.

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