how to remove file that does not exist on microsd?

  theDarkness 12:22 20 Mar 2011

after what I think was a bad save on a nokia (a switch off during the process), I am trying to remove the same file that shows up on a microsd card, but when trying to remove it, windows states that the files do not exist? The nokia software also gives a similar message, do I have no option but to re-format the entire card?

  Kevscar1 15:13 20 Mar 2011

reformat the card

  theDarkness 21:38 23 Mar 2011

I tried that, it does work, but I often have the same issue reappearing, so Im wondering if the card is likely to be on its last legs. I have a digital phone+digital camera, and have tried the card on both (fully formatting before trying either). All files save correctly, eg when taking photos and then viewing the file system (using either a pc or the screen of either) it might show :-
Photograph2.tif etc

but often I will get "Photogr.aph3" together with the correct "Photograph3.tif" which is very odd. Its not as if the photo hasnt saved correctly, as I can move the tif to a pc and view or edit it on its own. The oddly named file remains undeletable. The memory card is a sandisk sdhc, which Im now thinking may simply be corrupt, reformatted/empty or not

  Kevscar1 16:10 25 Mar 2011

Try right clicking the file and looking at properties but it does sound as if the card might be corrupted if reformattimg doesn't stop it

  theDarkness 23:29 25 Mar 2011

I think u r right in the card being corrupt, if a non-quick reformat does not fix the issue, then Im wondering if I have no option but to simply bin it? The problem most likely occurred if the card was taken out mid read/write

  Kevscar1 03:43 26 Mar 2011

Why bin it all the photos are being saved. Keep using it but have a spare ready for when it packs up completely. You may be able to use it for years yet.

  cycoze 16:52 27 Mar 2011

try renaming the file from "Photogr.aph3" to "Photograph3.tif" or "Photograph3b.tif", then see if it will delete.

  JoeC 18:27 28 Mar 2011

but it worked for me when I had exactly the same problem.
If memory serves me correctly I did it this way:- right click on card, select Properties, Tools, Error Checking, Check Now.
A box came up and I put ticks in both boxes (Automatically fix file system errors, and Scan for / attempt to recovery bad sectors).
Once I had done that, the card worked perfectly.
I hope it works for you.

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