How old is my TV?

  Diemmess 12:03 19 Apr 2010

We have a Panasonic TX-21AP1
CRT, silver finish, weighs a ton. Well it feels like that!
I guess I bought it in the early/mid nineties, but I can find nothing at all to establish the date.

The handbook seems careful not to give even a hint about manufacture date.

Family argument - we do/dont need to replace it yet.
I can think of several reasons why I would replace it, but a date from the long past would strengthen my argument and weaken the opposition.

  hastelloy 13:56 19 Apr 2010

If its any help, it was first available from Amazon in January 2001.

  Diemmess 14:32 19 Apr 2010

That is later than I thought.

Like FE's thread on pressure to replace PC and etceteras, the same thing is now affecting the Telly.
Digital only, HD in the background and a great deal of elaborate analogue equipment virtually useless.

  hastelloy 15:34 19 Apr 2010

I've replaced my TVs (not before time) with LCD TVs with digital tuners and widescreen. They are HD ready though I'm not too bothered about HD and I'm not going to worry about 3D!!!

  morddwyd 15:39 19 Apr 2010

It's funny how things move on.

We've already replaced two lcd hd ready tv's as being a bit past it (like us!), though to be fair, one of them was because I was having increasing difficulty seeing it because of my sight problems.

  Diemmess 17:01 19 Apr 2010

She who is usually obeyed, is giving me less than brilliant support.
Fortunately her rudeness about the complications involved to make old TVs show the expected channel are exacerbated since Digi Day to the point where 'Teddy comes out of the pram' and with it a threat that she doesn't want to watch anyway!

The final stroke since changeover day is that where the TV used to default to Analogue, now all she gets is a fizzy screen.

I'm working on a cunning plan!

  BT 17:57 19 Apr 2010

Regardless whether your TV is working OK you wouldn't be dissapointed in a nice new flat screen TV. Apart from it NOT weighing a ton the quality of the picture will be far better than your CRT one, even without HD.

I had to replace mine just before Xmas due to it failing and the 32" replacement for the 28"CRT is something to behold. The picture is so clear and sharp it makes you wonder how HD could actually be any better. Also the built in Freeview means one less box, and the HDMI connection for the PVR/DVD player/recorder means better pictures from that source also.

  Pine Man 13:53 24 Apr 2010

I tend do agree BUT what does suffer is the sound. My old TV, a Sony, had superb speakers and a build in woofer and the sound was brilliant. The dealers told me that to get similar sound with the new TVs I would need a separate sound system.

  BT 16:01 24 Apr 2010

I had an old Goodmans 28" that had a separate Woofer built into the stand. Mind you the 32" Finlux that I have now has pretty good sound which has the option to tweak it from the menus. A separate 2.1 or 5.1 system would probably be awsome.

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