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How to move music from PC to android?

  Hadrest666 17:23 05 Dec 2015

I do have OS Windows 10 on the PC, I try to transfer Music (a backup from galaxy S4 with Smart switch). This did work fine, however if I plugin the Samsung S6 Edge with a USB cable then it did work first. Few days later my Mobile was bombarded with MMS messages and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge felt out.

My friend did go to the shop for a new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, if I try to transfer the Music backup then it don't recognize this android.

What can I try to transfer this backup on my desktop (OS Windows 10) to the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge ?

Is there a relationship between the SSM messages and my backup transfer, I really don't understand it.

Any idea's are really appreciated!

  ub3rl337z4ur 03:57 08 Dec 2015

Try airmore

  Terry Brown 10:34 08 Dec 2015

Have you tried transferring to a USB drive then plugging that into the Samsung?

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