How Likely Am I To Damage My Battery?

  morddwyd 10:34 10 Feb 2019

I normally only pick up my mobile when I go out.

These days, and this weather - I'm in a wheelchair - that might be only once or twice a week.

How likely am I to damage my battery by leaving i plugged in with very little use?

  john bunyan 12:32 10 Feb 2019

This article is worth a read. The old concern of ruining the battery is not valid, but trickle charging can shorten battery life. If I were you I would take it off charge when fully charged.

battery charging

  morddwyd 18:32 10 Feb 2019

Thanks. Unfortunately I was only able to get one line at a time of that article on screen and it got a bit much!

The problem with taking the battery off charge, which obviously I have tried, is that sooner or later it will be flat when I grab it.

If it's really damaging I might have an old socket timer adaptor somewhere that I could try, say an hour a day.

  john bunyan 20:50 10 Feb 2019

I use my smartphone during the day for surfing - using it now. The battery goes down quickly. However if I just use it as a phone it lasts a day or two. I would, if you only use it as a phone, just check every 1/2 or so and charge it fully before going out.

  john bunyan 08:02 11 Feb 2019

I meant every 1/2 DAY! Or a couple of hours before you go out.

  BT 09:26 11 Feb 2019

I suppose it depends on the type of phone you have. Smartphones use battery power up rapidly. If like me you only use the phone when going out as you say. and then only as a phone an old type basic phone is all you need. I have a basic Nokia which is only switched on when I go out. The battery lasts for several days on standby and I charge it up about once a week. When I'm at home I switch it off and use my landline.

  wee eddie 11:05 11 Feb 2019

Turn off everything but the phone. It will last a lot longer.

Only turn WiFi and Bluetooth on when you plan to use them.

Stop all other Apps running in the background

  morddwyd 19:26 11 Feb 2019

Seems a fairly drastic way of looking after battery finite life!

The phone is the bit I use the least, maybe one or two calls a month!

I think I would rather risk six months less overall battery life than that sort on inconvenience,

  morddwyd 09:05 22 Feb 2019

But the phone has to be on in order to receive calls.

I don't use it much, but it is my ICE number and has to be available.

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