how to install an extension to a virgin media home phone ?

  lebjerag 20:37 29 Jan 2015

Had virgin broadband and home phone installed last week,i am very happy with B/B,but, this morning the home phone rang I was upstairs,i could hear the one downstairs, but the upstairs was silent,

I picked up the the receiver and it was working fine except for the bell. I contacted virgin and they said I was only down for one phone to be connected, I would have to arrange for an engineer to call but I would have to pay for it,

is it the same procedure to just change the existing wiring to the bedroom and the connect to the virgin box?, that is what I did to get an upstairs phone installed,thanks for any assistance.

  BT 08:23 30 Jan 2015

Wiring for VM box is the same as the BT box so its just a matter of transferring the wires over, but as Jock1e says the best option is a set of wireless phones, as you can site them wherever you need to as long as you have mains sockets to plug in the charger bases. Most modern wireless phones have a long standby time off the charger so can be wherever you want them to be. Just put them back on the charger when necessary or overnight.

  lebjerag 20:41 30 Jan 2015

Thanks jock1e and BT, Sorry for the delay,i will go for the wireless phones, the extension I put in was a few years ago,i had to run it through a brick wall,im getting on a bit now so will use the standing up installation,

thanks again.

  BT 08:24 31 Jan 2015


When you choose your phones get ones that use rechargeable AAA batteries (most of them do) rather than dedicated battery types as eventually they'll need replacing, and rechargeable NiMh AAA batteries are easier to source and considerably cheaper. Having said that they do last a very long time. I replaced the ones in my main handset last year and they were probably 6/7 years old, and just this week replaced a set in one of my other handsets, again of similar age.

  lebjerag 20:25 09 Feb 2015


             Thanks again for your suggestions,i will check the phone
             to see if there is a volume button,but following your
             advice I will get some new phones and they can cover the 
             house,i have not had any time to sort it out,but,ican get
             cracking tomorrow,thanks again, jock1e and BT.

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