How to get and install ringtones

  ponytail 10:29 12 Dec 2014

I hav just changed my phone and have now got a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.With my last phone I got free ringtones from PHONE ZOO and downloaded onto my hard drive and then moved to my phone.Two questions cannot see phone zoo so maybe they are no more if so can someone suggest a alternative site and cannot see how when I get some ringtones how to get them onto my phone

  ponytail 14:01 12 Dec 2014

Just been in touch with Samsung and they sent me a link for a program called KIES which I have installed now just need a way to get some ringtones.

  ponytail 14:14 16 Dec 2014

Hi catpwss I have looked at this site but when I enter my phones model number nothing happens.I wonder if you need to sign up.

  ponytail 15:47 16 Dec 2014

Hi again catpwss have got a bit further selected a email on zedge clicked on download selected email and it is now in my email folder on the phone but still not sure how to set it as a ringtone any ideas anyone.Thanks

  Tonsie 15:22 22 Dec 2014

ponytail,get rid of Kies,that program will mess your phone,it users to much data,in fact a load of rubbish.I also fell for the Samsung small talk.catpwss link to zedge is what you should use,click on ringtones and scroll through them click on the ones you want to hear.The one you want just click install and it automatically be you phones ringtone. Regards Tonsie.

  ponytail 23:09 24 Dec 2014

Hi Tonsie have tried what you suggested but cannot see install

  Tonsie 14:15 26 Dec 2014

When you are in the ringtones you will see the arrows down the left side,when you tap on these it will play the tune for a short time.The ringtone you want tap on the name,then you will see at the bottom left download small pointer,tap on download and it will install.Hope this will help. Regards Tonsie.

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