How do I transfer contacts from a Android to Windows Phone?

  Neskat 23:46 08 Aug 2014

Hi, my dad got a new phone, and he wants to transfer his contacts from his old phone ( Android ) into his new one ( Windows Phone ), we are having difficulties with this, we have done the things that Microsoft send to do and to take the number from the old phone and put it in the new one, we also tried doing it via Bluetooth but my dads new phone cant seem to find his old phone on bluetooth, it is not the Nokia's fault because I have tried it with my phone and they found each other easily. I also read that I could put the numbers onto a simcard and transfer them manually by replacing the simcard, this is not possible due to the Android simcard being a normal sized one and the Windows Phone simcard is a mini-simcard, so it doesnt fit ( :3 ). Any help or ideas?

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