How do I send a tweet on twitter

  ponytail 14:24 03 Dec 2018

I have a twitter account but have never sent a tweet.Have just tried to send one to the car dealer I bought our car from but after typing the tweet am not sure how to send it.What is the correct procedure to send a tweet.Thanks.

  difarn 15:21 03 Dec 2018

Isn't there a "reply" button by the text box in which you have composed your message?

click here

  KEITH 1955 15:45 03 Dec 2018

search and "follow" the person then click on tweet icon , most ppl think you just type the name , that's wrong you do @the name and as you start to put the name of the person it will find similar the same as email address books do , once @NAME appears type msg then send it.

  Forum Editor 16:25 03 Dec 2018

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  KEITH 1955 17:31 03 Dec 2018

I forgot to say that somewhere in the settings their is the option to send a private tweet to somebody so that no other followers of the same person can read it , but cant remember where it is , maybe somebody else reading this can tell you.

  ponytail 09:01 04 Dec 2018

Thanks for the replies but here is what I did. Entered Motorline Hyundai Gatwick in Goole Then clicked on Contact us in Gatwick Clicked on Twitter icon in top R/ corner Clicked on Tweet tab composed tweet But tweet tab bottom right is not lit up or not available so cannot send tweet Have I done it correctly.

  ponytail 14:46 05 Dec 2018

I have now worked out to send a tweet but not sure of or where I can view the replies can someone explain where I go to to find any replies.

  john bunyan 15:01 05 Dec 2018

Get a teenager to come and show you!

  ponytail 11:17 09 Dec 2018

Thanks john bunyan will ask my son next time he visits as he is supposed to know about these things.

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