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How do I remove "Ex-" Friends from Messenger

  wee eddie 11:40 15 Aug 2019

It's all in the question

  wee eddie 09:26 16 Aug 2019


  john bunyan 11:04 16 Aug 2019

Although I don’t use it I found this on line.

remove non friends

  wee eddie 11:32 16 Aug 2019

JB: Thanks, unfortunately, that allows you to Block them, but does not remove them from your list

  wee eddie 19:28 16 Aug 2019

Menzie. I guess you're right. I'm just trying to lose those members of the Taxi Driving fraternity who joined me, rather than my Council Representative Forum, in error.

  wee eddie 08:25 19 Aug 2019

I'm still looking. JB, method leaves the contact in the list, although it is blocked.

I want to remove those contacts from my List. Facebook does the same

  Protos 17:23 20 Aug 2019

You mean completely delete conversation with one person from your feed ?

  wee eddie 17:52 20 Aug 2019

Protos: I wish to delete an individual and all my memories of him

  john bunyan 19:20 20 Aug 2019

As in “The Godfather “ maybe you should make him an offer he can’t refuse! ☠️

  wee eddie 10:09 21 Aug 2019

JB: there are about 20 of them. All are blocked, but they are still present in my display of Contacts. Both on Messenger & Facebook which, of course, are the same company

  john bunyan 13:44 21 Aug 2019

*wee eddie *

I hope you solve it . I realise that these social media programmes are needed for some businesses, but I am nobody!s friend on Facebook etc so don’t appear anywhere. I do use WhatsApp for a family group.

Good luck

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