How Do I Make a Call Using WharsApp?

  morddwyd 18:14 01 Mar 2019

Seems simple enough but all the on line guides tell me to click on an icon that doesn't appear on my phone and it then switches to my normal mobile account!

  Menzie 14:35 06 Mar 2019

Strange, your Yoga tablet should be a Lenovo if it's the one I'm thinking of.

My tablet is also a Lenovo (A10). It has stock Android which has contacts. When I'm out with my phone (LG Thin Q G6) and I add a new number, my tablet at home also updates and adds that number to it's contacts.

The other day I left my phone behind at a friend's and used my tablet to look up his number and call him.

You must have disabled the update contacts feature on your Google account.

  Forum Editor 15:41 06 Mar 2019

"Unfortunately normal phone (mine is Galaxy Note 9, so good sized screen) is too small."

It doesn't matter what size it is because you'll be using the tablet. If you follow the advice in the link I provided you'll have the web version of WhatsApp on that. As long as you also have an Android phone (or iPhone) with WhatsApp installed you're in business.

  morddwyd 08:00 07 Mar 2019

Yes, FE, I'm aware of that, but JB suggested using a phone and my response was to him.

All of my telephone calls, maybe two or three a month, are made on a tablet via Skype, apart from one or two landline calls a year.

  john bunyan 08:28 07 Mar 2019

As long as you use wi fi, FE suggestion should work ok on the tablet . Also see my earlier link. For voice WhatsApp calls the phone could be used , with the tablet for videos.

NB For telephone only, I have a broadband phone based on Vonage, that for about £12 a month allows unlimited calls to U.K. , Ireland, EU, Australia, USA, Japan and many others. Let me know if you want details

  morddwyd 20:55 07 Mar 2019

Curiouser and curiouser.

While fiddling around I tried a new installation on a virgin machine, a Galaxy Tab S.

On tapping "Accept and Continue", not even at a log in/register page, I got an "Alert! Tablets are not supported" message, which is patently not the experience of the members of this forum, or my own on my unsuccessful attempts on other devices.

With nothing to lose I might try an uninstall, restart, install on one of my other devices to see if I can replicate it.

Trouble is, I find it difficult to do a full, totally clean, uninstall in Android.

  wee eddie 00:52 08 Mar 2019

MDD: I am perplexed. Your eyesight is so bad that you can't use WhatsApp on your Mobile, and you apparently have difficulty following a set of relatively simple instructions.

And yet you happily undertake a complete reinstallation of the OS on said device.

  morddwyd 09:49 08 Mar 2019

No, no.

The Tab S is a device which my eyesight no longer coped with and had been lying in a drawer, already factory reset, for some months awaiting disposal.

My curiosity piqued I dug deeper and got this from the WatApp website

"Note: We only provide limited support to tablet users and don't support Wi-Fi only devices at this time."

click here down)


  vivekshukla 07:48 13 Apr 2019

If you want to make a call on whatsapp , then you firstly open the contact list. then open the desired contact to whom you want to make a call, then onto the top rightmost corner there an Icon for voice call and video call, then click on the icon you want to make a call. And enjoy the service :)

  morddwyd 10:04 13 Apr 2019

Thank you.

As I've already said, since I don't have a data plan, and WhatsApp does not support wi fi only devices.

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