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How Do I Change to BT PAYG?

  morddwyd 10:26 27 Nov 2015

I have a PAYG account with Sainsbiry Mobile which is closing in the New Year.

No problem with the PAC code,m but what do I do with it?

All the plans on the BT wbsite are monthly ones, which I don't want, no sign of a PAYG option.

I can, of course, simply let the account die, and just get a new sim, but I'd like to keep my number if I can.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:49 27 Nov 2015

BT don't do PAYG click here just changed phones and old sim would not fit new phone, so got new sim and PACed over the number, took about an hour.


  Batch 17:40 27 Nov 2015

Why BT?

You could try GiffGaff PAYG - I've been with them for years and more than happy with them. Their UK pricing is here.

If you are interested, then if you click here to join, once you've activated we'll both get a an extra bit of credit.

  morddwyd 19:14 27 Nov 2015

Because I'm a shareholder and the more business I can put their way the better.

Even if it's just my own I will still get some of it back in dividends.

  morddwyd 08:10 28 Nov 2015

No I didn't, but I will take it up at the next meeting.

It will be a lucrative market when rates go up and the company can start earning interest on all those pre-payments.

  Bazzaman 12:47 28 Nov 2015

As you are a part owner of the business, does that mean that we should all hold you to account for BT's multifarious failings?

  mikef. 19:40 28 Nov 2015

If you want to support BT remember they are buying EE so getting an EE PAYG will support them in the future

  morddwyd 08:42 29 Nov 2015

I thought that transaction was complete, that's why I chose BT. I thought one of the reasons they bid for EE was to get back into the mobile market.

I was with them in Cellnet days, when they sold out to O2.

  morddwyd 19:11 30 Nov 2015


My apologies. EE have not yet been taken over, so I got an EE SIM today.

If the take over is approved I hope I will get an automatic transfer back to BT. (I got an automatic transfer away from them when they thyemselves sold Cellnet)

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