How to convert wma to aac

  Dragonfly2 21:59 15 Aug 2009

My daughter has just bought an iPod nano. Previously she had an MP3 player, and she downloaded a lot of songs from MSN music and subsequently from Nokia Music. These are all on our computer, and she now wants to put them onto the new iPod. She has been trying transfer them to the iTunes folder that she has just downloaded, so that she can then put them onto the iPod.

Problem is they have a suffix .wma, and she gets a message telling her that wma is a protected format which cannot be converted.

p.s. no jargon please, we're simpletons!

  Stuartli 00:02 16 Aug 2009

.wma represents Windows Media Audio and presumably your daughter's versions are DRM protected.

A Google search for '.wma files' should bring some potential solutions.

  mark2 06:29 16 Aug 2009

click here may do as you wish, and it's free

  Dragonfly2 09:41 16 Aug 2009

Many thanks for the replies, we're starting to investigate this, I've found a lot of information by doing a Google search as suggested, and I've looked at the website suggested by mark2.

Problem is that I'm a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to this, and am really looking for a website with a simple explanation of the whole process, so I can advise my daughter. Obviously there's some downloads that are completely free and some that aren't. I'm also wary about what we're about to download onto our computer, I assume it's safe.

The more I read, the more confused I'm getting! If anyone can point me to something that explains all this clearly and simply that would be great please.


  john bunyan 10:08 16 Aug 2009

I assume you have the latest i Tunes. Basically, if you buy i tunes on line, the default for 79p is .m4p - drm protected format. You can pay more - 99p to download in the universal .mp3 format. You can also, by burning an audio CD from i tunes (about 20 tracks per CD) then re - import as mp3. Also you can se i tunes to import CD tracks as .mp3. There are converter programmes to convert .wma and other formats to .mp3. I use Roxio Creator 2009, a paid for programme. Having assemled youe converted files int a folder, simply " add folder to library" in i tunes music.

  Stuartli 11:12 16 Aug 2009

I use Save2PC to download YouTube videos to my hard drive (avoids using unnecessary bandwidth), but this might be an alternative for your daughter:

click here;mostPopTwoColWrap

I didn't list any actual solution earlier because of exactly what you were trying to do...:-)

  Stuartli 11:13 16 Aug 2009

If the above link doesn't work, by any chance, TinyURL version:

click here

  Dragonfly2 11:32 16 Aug 2009

Many thanks for the continuing advice coming in, we're looking at everything. In the meantime, does anyone know if all this is legal in the UK? I'm right out of my depth here.

Cheers, thanks for the help.

  john bunyan 13:46 16 Aug 2009

I use Radiotracker 5 Platinum, (about £25) for my grand children ,that "looks" for your choice of songs / artists on thousands of FM radio stations and saves them as mp3. Good and legal (in the sense that it is no different from the old way of recording Top of the Pops on tape in the old days)Also little risk of virus - I would not touch file sharing sites. I buy i Tunes as well.Strictly speaking there are DRM issues on recording from the radio, but no one has been prosecuted for it if for own use and not used for public entertainment.

  ^wave^ 08:38 19 Aug 2009

try going to they are a great site for all things ipod look at there help and tutorials

  thommydoode 12:12 18 Sep 2009

That Radiotracker app,for what kind of stations does it work?I mean, could I use it on a station of my choice?

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