how to connect my dvd recorder to hd tv

  tozzzza 07:27 03 Oct 2009

hi,a all
i have a philips ambilight hd ready tv with built in freeview (7000 series 32 pfl7603d/10 ) and a philips dvd player/recorder (dvdr3305). i havent got a clue how to connect them together so ani help would be great. thanks in advance.

  100andthirty 07:34 03 Oct 2009

usually the manuals show clearly how to do it. If you don't have the manuals do post back

  tozzzza 07:36 03 Oct 2009

i do have the manuals but i totaly dont understand them. when i connect them as the manuals say i just get a blank screen saying no vidio signal

  BRYNIT 10:10 03 Oct 2009

If you have connected the aerial leads correctly all you need to do is connect a scart lead from Ext1 of DVD to Ext1 of TV. Switch TV on switch DVD on and it should automatically switch to the AV channel of the TV. If this does not work you need to check that the scart lead is connected correctly or try another scart lead.

  tozzzza 11:03 03 Oct 2009

hi,a thank you brynit i,ve done it (i feel dead proud of msen lol) thanks to every1 who replied . cheers

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