How Can I Watch UK TV Play .............

  morddwyd 19:28 01 Dec 2016

........... on my fairly new (6 months old) Samsung Smart TV?

  john bunyan 20:10 01 Dec 2016

Are you talking about catch up TV such as BBC , ITV etc? I have a Samsung smart TV linked by wi fi to router so you press the multimedia button and choose, for example, BBC I player. With a similar LG , it is linked by homeplugs.

  morddwyd 11:26 02 Dec 2016

No problem with the ITV or BBC, but UK TV Play is a totally separate bouquet of some very good channels.

They won't let Sky carry their output, and you need their app.

Their website says it will download automatically to a smart TV, but it won't!

  john bunyan 11:42 02 Dec 2016

Sorry, but I had not heard of TV Play so misunderstood your query.

  x123 10:43 04 Dec 2016

If the smart TV has a web browser just go to

enter link description here

  morddwyd 19:09 05 Dec 2016

Just to acknowledge a123's post.

I will give it a try later in the week. Thanks

  morddwyd 09:15 06 Dec 2016

I can't find it myself at the moment, but I can assre you it's there.

It even tells you where to find it "next to the BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub icons"!

  Forum Editor 11:42 06 Dec 2016

My smart TV runs on Android, so I can download the UKTV app from the Android site.

Yours runs on Tizen, so you can't do that.

  Forum Editor 14:51 06 Dec 2016

Yes, it is.

  Forum Editor 18:11 06 Dec 2016

My Sony is a 4K Ultra HD HDR model, and is very good. I've tended to stick with Sony TVs over the years, and have not been disappointed yet.

  morddwyd 19:01 10 Dec 2016

Tried a123's solution.

Going through the various menus and typing in the address using the remote then finding the programme I want took about twenty minutes!

There ain't a programme on any channel worth that sort of hassle!

Thanks anyway.

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