How are temessages transmitted with a Smart Phone.

  1936 17:35 13 Oct 2018

My wife insisted that I have a Smart Phone when I went fishing "just in case I got into trouble" as she put it. I couldn't see the point because I kept getting a vision of me falling in the river and her receiving a message which consisted of, Glug, Glug, Glug as I sank to the bottom. The phone she bought me was a very simple doro but my middle son has now insisted that I come into the 21st century and he has given me his old Samsung Galaxy and I'm slowly starting to learn how to use it. The first thing that came into my mind was, "How is a text message or a voice message transmitted. I know that the telephone in my house works by cable but I have no idea how a Smart Phone works so that my first question. My next question is, "Why was I able to send a text from a holiday caravan in Somerset to my daughters house in Oxfordshire with my new, second-hand Samsung but I could not send a photograph that I took with the Samsung?" My last question of the day is, "What do I need to do to enable me to send a photograph from a position such as a holiday caravan in Somerset to where my daughter may be anywhere in the UK?"

  john bunyan 18:39 13 Oct 2018

Depending on your provider, photos can be expensive. I would use WhatsApp (Google to read about it) You can only send to others who have it but you can send to individuals or groups, such as a family group. Texts, if you are in a wi fi hotspot, go via the internet, like from a PC or via your phone service provider. I use GiffGaff , with a rolling monthly contract at £10 a month for unlimited calls, texts and 3 gig data( only needed if away from WiFi )

  john bunyan 18:43 13 Oct 2018

PS You can also send and receive e mail with photos . To send a photo to your daughter ensure she , and you, have the WhatsApp App on your phones.

  1936 19:37 13 Oct 2018

Many many thanks. As it is I happen to have ggiffgaff. By the way I also have Facebook and was told I could use Messenger although I have no idea how to set it up yet. Looks like I'll be dragging my young son over for some tuition.

  john bunyan 22:01 13 Oct 2018

For photos NOT using WhatsApp etc, Giffgaff charge 30p , taken from Airtime. I use the freebie. I believe Facebook is ok but I do not use it and am no one’s “friend “. I like fishing!

  Forum Editor 22:10 17 Oct 2018

You can send photos in a text message, or as an attachment to an email.

On your Galaxy, go into the Apps, find Gallery, select a photo, and then touch the little wishbone shaped icon. You'll see a screen offering you several ways to 'share' (send) the photo. Touch the icon you want to use, and take it from there. It's easier than it sounds.

I go fishing, and I send my wife photos from the lakeside of the fish I'm catching. She's totally underwhelmed, but I do it, all the same.

  john bunyan 10:54 18 Oct 2018

Thanks FE; however some providers charge extra per photo so worth checking the prices. Better not start a discussion on “My fish is bigger than your fish” !

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