House plus Bungalow attached need for Wifi

  Govan1x 06:57 08 Mar 2019

Moving into a little bungalow which will be attached to my daughters hose who is moving in on the same day.

The question is will one wireless system do both houses or do we need two ISP's. Or is it a case of wait and see.

We actually move today but it will be about 3 weeks before ours is ready for moving into.

  john bunyan 08:42 08 Mar 2019

The first question is : Are both properties on the same electric main supply?Also where is the incoming telephone socket? I have just installed a combined Mesh / Homeplug system using Devolo Magic 2 . When you know a bit more we can comment Good luck with the move. NB Wi Fi dongles might work, wait add see how strong the signal is

  Govan1x 10:39 08 Mar 2019

I am not sure how they are connected JB. The daughter is just exchanging keys this afternoon.. The actual houses are connected by a corridor with different back doors.

will leave it a day or so before I ask them. give them time to settle down. It will be 3 weeks before we move in.

At the moment not sure how all the major connections are working. Whether in the one house or not.I would imagine they would be separate as we have our own front door number. Have been told the house insurance covers both houses.

  john bunyan 11:47 08 Mar 2019

Depending on where the main house BT socket and where the router will be, and providing that your daughter is ok to be the main ISP customer, and is willing for you to share, then a wi fi dongle may be ok.

Will have suggestions when you know more.

PS my speed with Plusnet is about 40mbps , about 650 metres from the nearest cabinet, upload 18mbps. Ethernet and wi fi the same, more or less

  Govan1x 12:05 08 Mar 2019


My daughter is going for sky as the previous owner had that and hopes it will be quicker to get installed.Just a wait and see game for me at the moment. Thanks for your helpful comments.

  john bunyan 13:16 08 Mar 2019

Well then assuming you have a laptop and a desktop, you could use the Wi Fi on the laptop to check signal etc. If ok you could get a USB wi fi dongle for desktop. Keep in touch

  Govan1x 04:48 29 Mar 2019

Hi sorry for not getting back sooner. Unfortunately our part of the house is not finished yet. Hope to get in at the beginning of next week.

I have tried a 2.4ghz plug in connector in my side of the house but the signal it picks up is very weak. It works sometimes but not other times.

I should say all my furniture is sealed up in our living room and I cannot get into search for the Phone socket. I would think it is set up for BT as it is mostly all BT signals that it picks up.

I tried to get signed up with sky. But keep getting problems after running their post code check.

I also tried plusnet and got we can connect you to high speed broadband but it is not in your district yet but we can connect you to it when it is. We can supply you with a 4mb download speed and a 1 mb upload speed.

Maybe because I could not give them a home phone number as I dont have one may have been the problem. I think my daughter signed up for a 68mb download speed with sky Whether she gets that or not I don't know.

  john bunyan 08:19 29 Mar 2019

Various options. Could you run a long LAN cable from your daughters modem? If so you could put a 5 socket LAN socket on the end. Is her Sky FTTP ? If FTTC, cannot understand why you can’t get that via Plusnet. Keep in touch as options occur to folk

  john bunyan 11:04 29 Mar 2019

With a LAN socket on the end and ,say, a 5 port socket you could either plug into Ethernet and put a wi fi source lol this ( others available)

wi fi Amazon

  Govan1x 09:44 31 Mar 2019

Managed to get into the living room yesterday and it has an open reach master phone socket .It has been cut off at some time while it was not in use.

looks like they had sky as well so maybe try and phone them to see if it can be connected again.

  Govan1x 10:48 31 Mar 2019

Ok JB ordered the Lan socket from ebay. Cheaper and no postage. It will come in handy for me or my Grandson. Thanks.

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