Home WiFi network advice please

  Angebig 22:38 24 Sep 2017

Hi , I was looking for advice /help. I have a Virgin Media router which doesn’t reach all the areas of the house. I have Ethernet wires throughout the house all going to an 8 port switch box in garage but I need to extend the WiFi . I know I can get WiFi extenders but wondered if I can plug one these into the switch box and generate the WiFi from there ? Or do I need something different? Any help greatly appreciated. Ange

  Menzie 23:27 24 Sep 2017

If you want to extend the same network itself you can get a Wi-Fi Extender.

I have one shaped like an AC Adapter from TP-Link that plugs into wall and can be configured to either make a wired connection from wireless or make a wireless connection from a wired one.

If you don't need the network information to be the same, then if you have an old router lying around you can simply configure it to put out another wireless network and use one of the ports on the switch to connect to it's internet port.

That way if you have an old router already nothing extra is required.

  Angebig 23:35 24 Sep 2017

Thanks Menzie, I do have an old Sky router but couldn’t seem to get it working, I wasn’t sure about which up address to give it. About the TP-Link extender, can I simply plug it into the switch box and that ll create a new WiFi?

  Menzie 01:24 25 Sep 2017

Unfortunately it needs a quick setup via an enclosed CD-ROM that comes with it.

With a computer connected it will take a few mins at most to set up.

  Forum Editor 08:53 25 Sep 2017

The TP link extender mentioned by Menzie is very good - I used one to extend my son's WiFi network into his garden office. It works perfectly, and is easy to set up, as Menzie says.

  nickx89 16:32 05 Oct 2017

Wi-Fi extender would be a better solution to this.

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