home cinema theatre system

  baldyx 21:27 07 Jan 2010

From your experiences ,could you please recommend a Home cinema theatre SPEAKER system (without a DVD player which I have them already more than one !) priced under £150 . I have Sony Bravia HD TV and Sky+HD box.

I tested ALBA AS120 which is not good as the unit makes a constant humming noise.

  ICF 16:22 08 Jan 2010

This is what I have bolted to the back of my 37" Panasonic click here It's not 5.1 but only stereo.The sound is amazing and no trailing wires.Unfortunately its more than £150

  Al94 11:01 10 Jan 2010

I know you said without dvd but based on my ownership of this Panasonic system for a year, I highly recommend it in terms of sound quality and value for money. The base is very strong and as well as three subwoofer settings has a base boost which I never need to use. click here

  Al94 11:05 10 Jan 2010

that would be bass - oops!

  baldyx 20:55 10 Jan 2010

Thans all.
Al94 - Are the cables long enough to cater for positioning all the speakers ?

  Al94 23:25 10 Jan 2010

I had no problem but a fairly small room about 14ft x 10ft, wouldn't be a problem adding extensions if necessary,

  baldyx 20:42 12 Jan 2010

Al94 - Thanks for your help.
After reviewing many systems I have ordered Panasonic SC-PT170EBK model from Comet (@ £146 was £170 yesterday !).

I don't fully under stand the connectivity at the moment without manual so do i need an Optical Cable for connection or the HDMI connection to tv will be sufficient ? I have SKY HD box.

Also not sure about positioning the various speakers .

  Al94 08:45 13 Jan 2010

I have both optical and HDMI, to be honest I don't find much difference and mostly use HDMI .

  baldyx 21:18 14 Jan 2010

I have connected the theatre unit to the Sky HD box using scart & also to TV using HDMI cable.
Works well and am happy with the end result.

Will try Optical cable connection in future.

Thanks all.

  Al94 23:36 14 Jan 2010

Glad you're happy with it - thought you would be and you got it at a great price - enjoy!

  baldyx 21:17 28 Jan 2010

1) I have now connected the home cinema system to the SkyHd box using an optical cable and the audio quality has vastly improved!

2) However even if when I switch off the tv but leaving the home cinema system still on, the audio from a tv programme is still broadcasted thru the cinema system!
(the home cinema system has an HDMI connection to the tv)

3) Also I had to connect a dvd Writer to the cinema system using phono connections(red & white) to get the audio when playing thru the dvd writer as without this connection there is no audio thru dvd writer (which has an HDMI & Scart connections to the tv & Sky HD box.

Hope these info are useful.

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