High Contrast Theme for Android

  morddwyd 08:59 29 May 2018

Anybody know of a decent high contrast theme app for Android?

There seems to be more and more greys and blues.

  Forum Editor 14:29 30 May 2018

Which Android device are we talking about?

  morddwyd 19:39 31 May 2018

Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Note Pro, 12.2, Galaxy Tab S, Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro 13 inch.

The Lenovo is the worst problem as the default system font is light grey not black.

  morddwyd 11:23 04 Jun 2018

Thanks. I've tried most of those.

Even the largest font, Huge,is too small for me. However, I do have a third party large font, app installed on my devices.

The trouble is some apps, the BBC for instance, disable such aids and you are stuck with what they give. They even disable "pinch and zoom" and are virtually unusable.

With hand held and on-screen magnifiers one can work around most font size problems, but contrast is a bigger problem, particularly with the modern trend for developers to use combinations of blue, white and grey. No matter how large the font, if it doesn't stand out from the background you won't see it.

High contrast fonts not available in older versions of Android (and Samsung are notorious for not updating their older devices) and even when it is, it consists of putting a dark edge on each letter and is of limited value.

What I need is something like the "Change Colour" extension in Chrome, which is what Y use on here and how I am so (too?) prolific!

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