elephone p9000 does not recognize sdcard

  habs2habs 09:35 26 Jun 2016

please help

i just received my elephone p9000,it is working well except the phone does not work with and does not recognize any micro sdcard

I bought 128GB Trancend micro sdcard,when i put the sdcard in,and start the phone up a message asked me to format the sdcard to work properly,i pressed format sdcard,then when it reached 20% it stucked,than another message popup saying:# your sdcard is :corrupted

I took sdcard out and put it in the adaptor,and format it from my pc,than again put the sdcard back inside the sdcard still NOT recognized and i can not format it

I tried samsung EVO 64GB: a message come up saying,the samsung evo sdcard does not supported by your device.

tried a sandisk sdcard,again i can not format it from the phone,again stuck on 20%,and message:sdcard is corrupted

please which sdcard this phone accept,because i spent about 3 hours,going to youtube,search online to fix this problem nothing worked.

the phone is up to date

i hope to hear from you very soon

my kindest rgards habib

  alanrwood 11:01 26 Jun 2016

Maybe there is a size limit built in to your phone operating system. Check the phone specs.

  habs2habs 14:33 26 Jun 2016

Dear alanrwood

thank you for your reply.

the phone has 32gb internal memory,and can add up to 256gb external memory.

do you think can i buy other model of sdcard,but which one to buy.

thank you for your help again

  alanrwood 16:59 26 Jun 2016

Sorry I am no expert on SD cards. See if you can borrow one or two from a friend and see if they work.

  I am Spartacus 17:54 27 Jun 2016

Try formatting the card in your PC as FAT32 as that often works for large MicroSD cards that have problems being recognised in some phones. The main restriction with the FAT32 file format is that files are limited to 4GB in size.

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